Europe 1938

(working title: War in Our Time)

Game premise: The Munich negotiations fail in 1938; Germany invades Czechoslovakia as per Fall GrĂ¼n.

Game format

This would be a long-running game (Universe-style). Teams would represent the different governments and engage in strategic/economic planning and diplomacy. This part could be played on-line over e-mail or suchlike.

The more interesting parts could then be played as separate games. For example, after a short planning period, the German invasion of Czechoslovakia could be played as a megagame. Depending on what other governments decide, other early games could involve a French invasion in Germany and/or action in Eastern Germany and Poland. These games could even be played simultaneously.

Depending on the results of these games, the overall game would then continue (the Czechoslovak government would for example become a Czechoslovak government-in-exile; or the German offensive gets bogged down...)


  • How to deal with Hitler?
    • Hitler might be removed from the equation by a convenient illness or some such, this being a alternate history.
  • Is there a game for neutrals?
    • Yes, for the right kind of player.
  • Is there a game for Germany?
    • Prevent players from ganging up on Germany before rearmament? Presumably this will involve good role-playing, and possibly a simulated parliament or some such as a check on completely ahistorical behaviour
  • How to deal with the Spanish Civil War?
    • This is not a bug, it's a feature.
  • Planning and logistics
    • instant megagames, yeah.
    • More seriously, not everything has to be a megagame. There is scope for all sorts of games in this framework.
  • Turns
    • Breaking the flow for the operational games: problem or not?
    • Structured and fairly long turns to account for absences.

== Inspiration and literature

  • Williamson Murray, "The war of 1938", in What If? 2
  • the Hearts of Iron games
  • Harry Turtledove, "The War That Came Early"
  • Piers Brendon, "The Dark Valley"
  • Robert Harris, "Munich"
  • 1940 - La France Continue for a fairly extensive AH with a different PoD.